Entertaining Shows Idols Appear On!

Everyone knows how hard-working every single successful k-pop idol is; however, despite their hectic schedules and hours of training to perfect their craft of being a singer, sometimes they just need more. More fans. More money. More promotion for the individual idol and their group. It really is a key aspect in order to survive … Continue reading Entertaining Shows Idols Appear On!



The last month of 2016 has become and so the last batch of comebacks are being announced. November was a busy month for comebacks but December will be just as busy as many groups and artists will be coming back with new albums. It will definitely be an exciting month for K-POP and for fans … Continue reading UPCOMING DECEMBER COMEBACKS

I.O.I. Steps Up Their Game in “Whatta Man” — Nae the K-pop Junkie

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOn5tSagerY I.O.I. is a group that came into being as a cherry-picking out of a pool of 101 trainee idols from various different companies. While I never watched the show, I heard that there was a lot of good talent in the group. So far they’ve come out with one pre-debut track, “Crush,” and their … Continue reading I.O.I. Steps Up Their Game in “Whatta Man” — Nae the K-pop Junkie