Blogs Similar To this

For blogs similar to this, please check out:

1. K-POP Map

To see all the latest news and things about K-POP, this blog is a very good one. It has many fun articles that go from headings like “Trending”, “Must Read Exclusives”, “Boy Crush Monday” and more. This site also has polls and forums so you can leave your opinions as well. If you want to read fun articles as well as get the latest news and such, this is a very good site to check out.

2. AllKpop 

AllKpop is a very popular site for k-pop fans and is a prime source for all the latest celebrity news and gossip surrounding k-pop. It has about 120 million page views per month so it is a very popular and reliable site. It has interesting articles as well as a fun heading titled “MEMES” that has hilarious pictures of k-pop artists. They also have a shop where you can purchase things like clothing or accessories.

3. Kpop Hotness

This blog shares all that’s “hot” in K-pop as you can tell by the title. This blog provides album download links for k-pop albums so if you would like to download songs and albums you can go here.

4. Koreaboo

Similar to the other sites, this site gives updates on the latest news in k-pop. They have a heading for trending articles so you can see whatever is trending at that time. It is a very cute site so if you are into those types then definitely check this out. They also accept internships for their site.


This blog is created by a girl who posts about K-POP related things and she also hosts a K-POP radio show so she posts about that as well. She also posts about random things that she feels like writing about so if you are looking to read articles that have a different opinion and that are fun than you should definitely check out this blog.

6. The Bias List

This blog is one that I recommend because I personally enjoy reading what this person writes. Every week they listens to new k-pop releases and posts their thoughts on them. This blog therefore posts song reviews and top 10 lists, so if you are into reading those sort of things than definitely check out this blog.

7. KPop Headquarters

This blog is run by some college students and I recommend this blog because it has a lot of information and K-POP artists as well as the entertainment companies in K-POP. This blog is good to check out if you are new to K-POP and you would like to learn more about different groups and artists. This blog also has a set time for their posts which I find very nice and convenient.


Like many other blogs, this blog posts news and updates of things happening in K-POP. But this blog focuses a lot on how K-fans live in the K-POP world. I like this blog because the writer speaks both English and Korean and so they translate their posts on the blog. This blog is open to discussions from fans of K-POP, so it you would like to see the opinions of fans in K-POP, then definitely check out this blog.


This blog is an “analytical blog” of the k-pop industry and their articles raises views and insights on the industry. I recommend this blog because their articles are actually very interesting and it is nice to read about their views. Also they have many informational articles as well about k-pop artists and the industry itself which are enjoyable to read. You can read many different things on this blog that are all very interesting and that is why I recommend it.


I recommend this blog because it does not just have to do with k-pop, but it is dedicated basically to everything on Korean culture. Regarding K-POP, this blog posts many reviews on k-pop songs as well as news and updates in the k-pop world, similar to my blog. This blog is active and posts regularly and so I definitely recommend it.