Entertaining Shows Idols Appear On!

Everyone knows how hard-working every single successful k-pop idol is; however, despite their hectic schedules and hours of training to perfect their craft of being a singer, sometimes they just need more. More fans. More money. More promotion for the individual idol and their group. It really is a key aspect in order to survive in the industry that is incredibly saturated– to continue striving for more so that their names wont get lost and forgotten. And what better way to do it than to appear in the several different shows the entertainment industry creates! Below you can learn of the different genres of shows idols appear on.


Reality shows are pretty self-explanatory: no scripts, just a concept, a camera and a few fun stars in front of it. In many cases, those stars are k-pop idols who appear on popular shows like ONE FINE DAY, CELEBRITY BROMANCE, and WE GOT MARRIED. These shows are where fans and viewers can see the idols’ true personalities and their lives outside the limelight. For example, ONE FINE DAY is a show that allows idol groups to relax in different parts of the world. Most of the time, producers of the show like to create challenges for the groups to figure out themselves. Fan favourites were of B.A.P, who were able to take a trip to Hawaii for some fun adventures, and Seventeen, who were stranded on an island, forced to work together to find resources for survival. CELEBRITY BROMANCE is a more recent reality show, where 2 male idols who nobody knew were actually friends, come together and spend a day together. One day is panned over in about 7 episodes, and truly highlights the importance of friendship. WE GOT MARRIED is one of the most popular reality shows aired. Idols are often banned from dating, and this show allows them to have a taste of relationships– better yet, marriage, and what it is like. While all of the couples on the show are adorable and heartwarming, Sungjae from idol group BTOB and Red Velvet’s Joy were one of the most loved couples by fans. Go to the picture section in the menu bar to see a picture of them on the show!


Variety shows are kind of like reality shows, but with more rules and structure. Variety shows such as WEEKLY IDOL and RUNNING MAN are always super hilarious and the most entertaining shows idols appear on. On these shows, idols participate in different segments and challenges, sometimes with their groups, and sometimes with idols from other groups. WEEKLY IDOL is hosted by 2 extremely funny hosts. During the show, idols participate in many different segments like profiles, showing their talents, and the very famous random play dance. Check the picture section in the menu bar to see a picture of idol group Infinite doing Weekly Idol’s special pose during the show!


Since k-pop is well-received around the world, there are many shows made just for international fans who may not understand the Korean language. AFTER SCHOOL CLUB (ASC) and KCON IMMIGRATION CHECK are both hosted by English-Korean speaking hosts who interact and translate for idols on behalf of their fans around the world. AFTER SCHOOL CLUB is known for being the only show that allows fans to speak to their favourite idols through video calls, as well as on social media to make requests and express their love. KCON IMMIGRATION CHECK is a show produced by Kcon, which hilariously challenges idols’ English-speaking skills and showcases their talents at a mock airport immigration desk. To see a full episode of After School Club, please go to the video section in the menu bar.


Last but not least are K-dramas, which are very sought out around the world. Many idols appear on these drama shows to show their talents in acting. The most recent Web-drama is LOVE FOR A THOUSAND MORE, produced by YG Entertainment. Kang Seungyoon and Kim Jinwoo, both from idol group Winner appear as the main characters of the show. Another example is an upcoming drama titled HWARANG, which stars Choi Minho from SHINee and Kim Taehyung from BTS (his acting debut!). Many people are looking forward to the drama for its historical, comedic and action-packed story-line (to view the teaser, go to the video section in the menu bar). A lot of idols are skilled actors and actresses, for example, Do Kyungsoo from EXO, and Yoona from Girls’ Generation, are famous both in the music and acting industries.

Idols are definitely skilled in many ways, and they continue to prove it through their many projects with different types of shows. It truly shows how hard-working they are and appreciative of their fans, for each show they appear on really make you adore them so much more!




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