Fans are incredibly excited as popular 13-member boy group SEVENTEEN’s long awaited comeback is almost near. Since their last comeback was back in July, fans cannot wait to see what they have been preparing for for so long. After letting out the teaser pictures as well as the track list and album specifications, the excitement has increased. Their 3rd mini album which is titled “Going Seventeen” will be released on December 5th, 2016.

If you don’t know who SEVENTEEN is, here is a brief summary. They are a 13 member group that debuted under PLEDIS ENTERTAINMENT. on May 26, 2015. They have 3 units in their group that the members are distributed into which are the Vocal Unit, Hip-Hop Unit, and the Performance Unit. The vocal unit are the vocalists, the hip-hop team are in charge of rap, and the performance team are in charge of dance. Despite being only a little over a year old, they have risen quickly to fame. They are responsible for famous tracks such as “Mansae”, “Pretty U” and “Very Nice.” Besides their famous tracks, SEVENTEEN are known for their amazing stage presence and choreography which makes people love watching them. Their personalities as well as their talents,  are the reasons why their fanbase continues to become larger and larger and why people continue to love and support Seventeen.

Last week , 5 sets of teaser pictures were released including individual members pictures.These pictures have fans wondering what kind of concept their comeback will be but it is definitely hard to guess.


One of the teasers SEVENTEEN put out for their new comeback. See more of the teaser pictures under the Pictures section in the menu bar. Credit

Besides the teaser pictures, the track list of their album “Going Seventeen” was also released. The album has 8 tracks and their title track is called “BOOM BOOM.” The album features 2 mix unit songs, a vocal team song, a performance team song, and a hip-hop team song, just like they’ve done in past albums. Expectations for this album are very high as their past albums were exceptional.

Just yesterday, PLEDIS released the details of the album and its contents. Their album will have 3 versions which are titled “Make a Wish”, “Make it Happen” and “Make the Seventeen.” Each version has a different concept and will come with a photo book, the CD, lyrics pages,  and more. Each album has a random individual member photo card as well as a random unit photo card and a random “paddle bookmark.” Below is the full album details.


SEVENTEEN’s Hip Hop Team also released a music video early this month of a mixtape track titled “Check In.” This music video definitely increased the excitement of the fans for their upcoming comeback. To see this music video, go to the Videos section in the menu bar.

Are you excited for Seventeen’s comeback? Let me know in the comments below!


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