On November 25, YG Entertainment announced that its biggest girl group 2NE1 has officially disbanded. Following the departure of their youngest member, Minzy, back in April, the group has now been disbanded. Millions of fans around the world were left heartbroken and shocked at this sudden news. 2NE1 debuted in 2009 with their debut song “Fire” and has become one of the biggest and most iconic girl group in k-pop. Below is the official translated statement by YG regarding their disbandment, as published by a k-pop website, Soompi:

“2NE1’s exclusive contract expired in May 2016, and with Minzy leaving 2NE1, we have come to the decision to officially disband after extensive discussion with the remaining members.

As 2NE1 was YG’s official girl group for seven years, we cannot begin to express how we feel, but we determined that it was too difficult to continue. Rather than waiting an unknown amount of time for 2NE1’s next promotions, we have decided to focus on the members’ solo activities.

We sincerely thank all the fans both in Korea and abroad that have loved the group and their music for all this time.”

It was also stated in the statement that members CL and Sandara Park have signed solo contracts with YG but unfortunately oldest member Park Bom has not signed any new contracts. Dara gave a hand written letter to fans after the announcement of the disbandment, stating at the bottom that she is sorry and thankful towards all the BLACKJACKS (2NE1’s fandom name). View the full letter in the Pictures section.

2NE1’s greatest hit “I’m The Best” that has over 165 million views on YouTube is what made them known to people around the world. Not only that, all of 2NE1’s music videos have over 30 million views. Even though their last album was put out two years ago, 2NE1 has had many great accomplishments during their seven years together. They have won many huge awards including Artist of The Year, Album of The Year, Song of The Year and more (note: they have one these awards more than once).


2NE1 accepting their award for “Song of the Year” for their hit “I am the Best” at the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards. Credit

Throughout their career, 2NE1 saw 19 hits appear on the World Digital Songs chart, three albums appear in the top 10 of the World Albums chart, and one album appear on the Billboard 200 chart (according to Billboard.com). As this disbandment is a very emotional and heartbreaking thing for many fans, remembering their amazing achievements makes us nothing but proud. 2NE1 has brought k-pop fans many incredible songs and hits that we will not forget. Thank you 2NE1 for 7 great years of great music and we wish all the members the best!

2NE1’s last performance together was at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) on December 2, 2015. See the Videos section in the menu bar to watch the performance.


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