For those new to K-POP, you may not know that in K-POP groups, each member has a specific role, or position, or title in the group. These titles are not only about what their talents but also about their personalities or their ages. In this article you will learn of the important roles and titles that members of k-pop groups have and what it brings to the groups.

Before I get started on the list of roles, I think its important that I explain the most important role in a k-pop group which is the leader. All K-pop groups have a leader which is either voted on or decided by their agency. This person has a very big role as you can tell by the title. They are in charge of many things and have many duties as the leader. They are responsible for basically everything that their group does and responsible for taking care of all their members. This person is basically in charge of his/her group and it is their job to make sure their group is always at their best. They have to take care of their members, scold them when needed, resolve conflcits between members and more. They are responsible for relaying opinions his/her group has to their agencies and vise-versa. As a leader you must have great leadership qualities and be strong to take on such a big role.

The first set of positions that you will learn of are about what they do in the group talent wise. There a positions such as lead vocal, main vocal, sub-vocal, main rapper, lead rapper, and main dancer. Now you might be wondering what the difference is between the different positions so let me briefly explain. The main vocal is usually the people who sing the most and who are the most skilled in singing. These people are usually the ones you hear hitting the high notes in the songs and such. Lead vocals are like the secondary vocalists who sing well but are still not the main singers, though they do get parts in the songs. Sub-vocals are third in line for singing and their parts are very minimal. They are those who can sing, but usually are more skilled in other positions. The same goes for the main rapper and lead rapper. Not much of a different other than who gets more parts in the songs. The main dancer is pretty self explanatory. This person is the best dancer in the group, usually someone who has had dance experience before becoming a k-pop idol, and usually is always in the center or in the front during performances.

The next set of positions or titles in the group are things that have to do with their personalities and how they act. For example, members are given titles like the mom and dad of the group, the face of the group, the sunshine of the group, the visual of the group, the maknae, and more. The mom and dad of the group are usually the two members who act like the parents of the rest of the members. The dad is usually the leader in most cases, because they have the most dad-like qualities. The mom is usually given to the member who cares for the rest of the members, the person who cooks or cleans, and the member who “nags” the most as some groups have said. The face of the group is the member who is promoted the most by means of having solo projects on reality shows, broadcasts, and variety shows. This person is usually the most famous member because of their solo projects and is called the face of the group because they represent their group wherever they go. The next title which is the sunshine of the group is usually the member that is always happy and thus makes everyone happy and the member that always brightens up the atmosphere. This member is loved by everyone because of their cuteness and their personality and this is the member that fans like to call “precious.” The visual of the group is the title they give to the most “good-looking” member. Looks are very important in the k-pop industry so this role is quite important. This member is usually the one who catches people’s attention first because of their mesmerizing looks and is basically someone who anyone would find good looking. This role is important because they are the ones who attract people to their group and draw people to look into their group. Lastly, the title which is the maknae, is the title given to the youngest member of each group. The maknae of groups are usually in charge of being the cutest one in the group.They are the babies of the groups and so they are also the most  bullied by the older members (but it is also funny seeing them bully them back!).

Though there are many roles, each one plays a part in getting people to love and support your group. These roles help distinguish the members helps fans now more about them. Each position is important, no matter what it is and they are what make groups so fun and lovable. I hope that this has helped you learn about all the important roles and positions in k-pop groups and now I recommend that you try to figure out the roles from the groups that you like!


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