November has been a crazy month for K-POP as many artists and groups came back with incredible albums and performances. For those of you who don’t know what a comeback is in K-POP, it is when artist come out with a new album and start to promote their title track(s) on music shows and programs. Fans anticipating these comebacks were definitely not let down as all the new albums that came out this month were amazing. Although all the comebacks this month were great ones, here are my top 5 comebacks for the month of November.


BLACKPINK came out with a 3-track mini album called “SQUARE TWO” which came with two music videos of their tracks “Playing With Fire” and “Stay.” This 4-girl group who had just debuted this year had proved with this comeback they are definitely ones to look out for, even as rookies. They promoted both songs on music shows and showed incredible stages. As expected from BLACKPINK, the choreography from “Playing With Fire” is amazing and they always perform with amazing energy. Their performances of “Stay” which is more of a slower song, showed a different side to them and showed off their vocal abilities. Overall, this comeback by BLACKPINK was a great way to show people who they are and has fans anticipating the next one.


UP10TION came back just recently with an album titled “BURST” and released a music video of their title track “White Night.” This comeback is more of a darker, edgier concept and has more of a bad-boy look. “Burst” features 6 tracks which are all incredible songs. This album showcased their amazing vocal abilities with their slower songs such as “Because” or “Just Like That” and also had amazing upbeat songs such as ” GO!” and “Stuck on You.” Their title track “White Night” is a very catchy song and features intense choreography that they show so well on stage which makes fans watch them so intently. Overall, UP10TION did not disappoint with this comeback as it is one of their bests, and in my opinion one of the bests of this month.


MAMAMOO released a new mini album called “Memory” on November 7. This 4-member girl group that is known for their incredible vocal ability showed it once again with this album and their title track “Decalcomanie.” This comeback’s concept is more “sexy” and showed a different vibe from their past tracks. Their title song features a very catchy tune and incredibly strong vocals. It has a modern jazz feel to it but has a very upbeat chorus. Their performances during their promotions, that are still on-going, features “sexy” and “sweet” choreography that Mamamoo performs with great energy, which fans love. Besides the title track, all the songs on their new album are impressive, which is always expected from Mamamoo, which landed them this spot on the TOP 5 comebacks of this month.


ASTRO, who had just debuted February of this year, came back with their 3rd mini album “Autumn Story” this month that definitely shocked people (including me!) because of its amazing quality and songs. This album is the third album in their seasonal concept (their previous albums are titled “Spring Up” and “Summer Vibes”) and is perfect for the autumn weather. Astro is known for their incredibly bright and happy vibe and has once again come out with a song that definitely brings smiles to fans’ faces. Their title track called “Confession” is a sweet, upbeat song about confessing to your crush. It features a catchy tune and very fast and cute choreography that fans enjoy watching. Besides the title track, the other songs on the album are incredible. Their vocal abilities, their sweet and cute vibe, and their spectacular discography makes it almost impossible for people not to like them, and that is what makes their comeback one of he best ones of this month.


Last but not least, BTOB (which stands for “Born to Beat”) came back just recently with their 9th mini album titled “New Men” which landed them the #1 spot on this list. After releasing beautiful ballads from their ballad trilogy, BTOB came back with a dance track titled “I’ll be your man” for the first time in over 2 years. This song features incredibly powerful vocals that BTOB is known for as well as a strong beat that BTOB fans haven’t heard from them in a while. It also features very fierce and intense raps the surely gives goosebumps to all those who listen.It is a truly incredible song. The concept of this comeback is a dark and manly concept that is very different to what they have shown in their concepts before. The thing that is even more amazing about this comeback is that the members have credits on all 7 tracks of the album, showing they contributed greatly on making this album so good. This comeback by BTOB has really set the bar, not only with their amazing title track, but also the rest of the songs on the album. BTOB never seem to disappoint with their comebacks and they are always enjoyed and loved by their fans all over the world.


November has been a busy month for comebacks and had an incredible line up which fans thoroughly enjoyed. In the end, these 5 comebacks are comebacks that I thought were very outstanding and comebacks that deserve a lot of attention. Seeing how amazing November was for comebacks, I cannot wait to see what December brings!




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