The 8th annual Melon Music Awards (MMAs) took place on November 19th, at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea.

It was a spectacular night in the K-pop industry as the MMAs celebrated the achievements of artists this year on Melon, which is one of Korea’s largest music stores. There were tensions between all the competing groups’ fans weeks before the show took place; however, the night was filled with light, (literally– K-pop fans express their support by holding up light-sticks tinted with their respective group’s unique colour), tears of joy, and breathtaking performances that nobody would’ve dared to miss.

The show started off with SEVENTEEN, a thirteen-member (yes, thirteen!) boy group who’ve lately been putting the K-pop world at the edge of their seats as teasers for their upcoming album have recently been released. The energy within the dome was maintained through following performances, like those of TWICE and BLACK PINK, two different girl groups who have absolutely dominated the K-pop industry despite being in it for a short time. The most anticipated performances were from two of the most popular boy groups in the industry as of now: BTS and EXO. BTS (also known as Bulletproof Boy scouts) did not hold back as they performed two of their chart-topping singles with the upmost charisma. EXO, on the other hand, once again lived up to their title as record-breakers as well as their fans’ expectations, when they danced and sung to not only their current hits, but the past songs that helped make them become who they are today. It was amazing to see the fans screaming along to the lyrics while raising their light-sticks with joy, but another treat was seeing other artists showing their support by singing and dancing along.


BTS during their MMAs performance of chart-topping hit “Blood, Sweat and Tears.” Link to Picture

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The 23 awards given out during the MMAs were based off of Melon’s criteria. These awards were given to artists and groups who deserved them for their hard work, efforts, and talent. The main awards (that are also called daesangs) consisted of the following:

  • Best New Artist

This award was given to BLACK PINK, who made an astonishing debut in August of 2016. The 4 girls looked stunning as they received their once-in-a-lifetime award with big, beautiful smiles.

  • Song of the Year

TWICE earned this award for their hit song, “Cheer Up,” a catchy tune that easily got stuck in everyone’s heads!

  • Best Album of the Year

While BTS released 2 full albums this year, their latest one, “WINGS,” snatched this title and award without a doubt! The boys were all tears as they gave their speech, clutching onto their shiny trophy, and ending it off with a heartwarming group hug.

  • Artist of the Year

The biggest award of the night went to EXO, who besides this one, brought home 5 more awards that night! The 9-member boy group broke the record for winning the most daesangs  in their careers (not just this night), with fourteen trophies and counting. The members as well as the fans were tearful during the speech.


EXO after the MMAs, holding onto the several trophies they won that night. They deserved each and every one of them! Link to Picture

The two-hour show was absolutely legendary, and is still widely talked about especially on social media. Performances did not disappoint, and the awards were given to artists who’ve persisted for years and years to finally reach this dream. But the real winners there were the fans, who worked just as hard in their continuous support and love for their favourite artists throughout the past year, and undoubtedly in the years to come. Though some award speeches were simply happy, and others were filled with crying, the one similarity within those speeches, was the pure thankfulness and appreciation the artists expressed: thankful for their families, for each other, and most especially for their fans.

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